EPM Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting and Analysis

EPM Reporting

Evaluate business performance and deliver actionable insights to executives.

financial reportingThis not only allows managers to better understand the financial health of the business but also enables them to generate timely and accurate financial reports.

Today's technology lets organizations facilitate and improve their financial reporting and analysis. For instance, Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting creates and distributes compliant financial reports and management reporting book sets. 

Benefits of Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting

ARC EPM's thorough knowledge in Oracle Hyperion suite allows us to efficiently guide and assist our client-partners in creating their financial statements. We do understand the importance of having a quality financial report aided by Hyperion technology, that's why we see to it that your financial reports are always accurate and intuitive.

By using Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting, organizations can transform their data into big business information using highly formatted output. In addition, users can generate reports that are aided by useful charts, graphs, and images features.

Standardize Reports and Eliminate Duplication

Organizations may be asked to produce business or financial information in diverse formats and varying delivery requirements, depending on the needs of the stakeholder. Doing this task alone, without a doubt, is a nightmare for the managers and the business itself.

By using Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting, users will be able to standardize reports and eliminate duplication of these reports. Not only can high-quality financial reports be generated, but your company's financial planning and management processes will be improved.

Eliminate/Reduce Maintenance by Designing Dynamic Reports

Oracle Hyperion Financial Reports offers flexible output and delivery of dynamic reports, thus eliminating/reducing maintenance.

These easy-to-generate dynamic reports are guaranteed to be in conformity with various regulations and requirements. What's more is that this is possible with limited involvement from the company's IT department.

Multiple Output Options Include Web, PDF, and Microsoft Office

ARC EPM helps its client-partners come up with boardroom-quality reports, not to mention that users can present these reports in multiple output options. These include the Web, PDF, and Microsoft Office.

Oracle Hyperion Financial Planning also has a feature wherein users can interact with the data either by adjusting the page members or the report selections. With the expertise of ARC EPM, businesses are assured to yield the most sophisticated reports in multiple output options.

Schedule Book Sets/Reports for Email Distributions or Save Output to a Secured Shared File Server

One special feature of Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting is that users can automate report production and delivery. This can be done by scheduling book sets or reports intended for email distributions.

By creating multiple reports under a scheduled environment, businesses will be able to minimize the financial burden of generating duplicate reports.

Connect to Oracle EPM and BI Applications

By connecting to Oracle EPM and BI applications, users can create, implement, and facilitate applications in one place.

For instance, organizations can utilize the services offered by Hyperion Smart View for Office or Hyperion Shared Services; all of which are included in user management and shared security, among other things.

Get Results On Your Next Project

The CPM/EPM solutions architects at ARC EPM offer complete consultancy and support services to help your organization implement all the functionalities of the platform. Our combined years of real market experience and thorough training allow our professionals to give valuable insight into how your company can use EPM Solutions to improve your business performance.