EPM Data Integration & Transformation

Data Quality Management and Integration

Extract, Transform and Load

As organizations grow through mergers and acquisitions, that perfect metadata model built long ago no longer satisfies the current organization reporting model.

This probably has resulted in increased manual manipulation and an increase in cost compliance. Don't let your business get lost in translation. Through FDMEE , information from various transactional systems are collected and then converted into a format that can be read by all EPM applications.


There are pros and cons to using FDMEE. But with the assistance from ARC EPM's team of experts, we will help you maximize the advantages of using the software while working around their disadvantages. That said, organizations will benefit largely from FDMEE, and with the expertise and experience of ARC EPM, data integration and transformation will be much simpler, more efficient, and more streamlined.

Steps to Data Integration and Transformation

Oracle offers data integration tools for organizations, that's why it is a must that companies know and comprehend the ups and downs of using such tools. This is where ARC EPM comes into play. Our approach helps businesses fully understand the strengths of FDMEE, and use this knowledge to their advantage.

Improve Financial Data Quality and Confidence in Numbers

Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Management and Oracle Data Integrator rule out the possibility of data integrity risks linked to collating, mapping, analyzing, and relaying important financial data. Implementing a transparent process results in good financial data quality and an increase in data confidence.

ARC EPM assists its client-partners in building processes that will abate inefficiencies in data collection. In addition, we help organizations in implementing routine data quality checks so that errors can be easily identified.

Simplify Data Source Validation and Trace the Movement of Financial Data

FDM and ODI can drastically improve productivity by simplifying data source validation and tracing the movement of financial data. The software also circumvents data bottlenecks and manual file manipulation through data sourcing from diverse financial information.

In turn, organizations are ensured of clean data collection from an array of sources.

Standardize and Rely on Repeatable Financial Processes

End-to-end automation of the entire process in financial reporting engenders a standardized repeatable financial processes that can be relied on.

For instance, FDM provides a web-based user interface that aids organizations to create standardized financial data management processes that can be repeated and trusted.

Eliminate Manual File Manipulation and Reduce Cost Compliance

ARC EPM's solution to data integration and transformation is proven to reduce expenditures and eliminate manual file manipulation, thereby lowering the cost of compliance. By harnessing the full features of ODI and FDM, organizations can reduce yearly audit fees.

In addition, ARC EPM's integrated approach to preparation of financial information, including audit reviews, enables companies to historically review the consolidated financial results.

Drill-Through from EPM Applications to Transactional Systems

Oracle Hyperion FDM and Data Integrator improve insights by drilling through EPM applications to transactional systems. With this, organizations will not only have a better view of the business processes but also have a deeper understanding of the collected data.

ARC EPM has a simplified and more transparent approach for the drill through. For instance, our solution allows a full support for import formats and a complete customization for drill through reports.

Get Results On Your Next Project

The CPM/EPM solutions architects at ARC EPM offer complete consultancy and support services to help your organization implement all the functionalities of the platform. Our combined years of real market experience and thorough training allow our professionals to give valuable insight into how your company can use EPM Solutions to improve your business performance.