Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

A thorough assessment goes beyond the surface; offering creative solutions to pressing problems that can be addressed in the short-term thus allowing you to focus on long-term goals. ARC EPM will conduct a comprehensive business and technological review of your current Oracle Hyperion environment.

  • Improve accuracy of plans and forecasts
  • Design simplified efficient driver based predictable web-based models
  • Reduce planning, budgeting and forecasting cycles
  • Mitigate risk with automated processes, improved version control, and audit trails

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EPM Business Analytics

Business analytics are effective tools in boosting business performance as well as analyzing data. The collected information from business analytics can be used to minimize risks and monitor important financial indexes.

  • Improve Visibility of Data
  • Monitor Operational and Financial Performance
  • Predict Future Outcomes
  • Identify Risks and Opportunities
  • Design Dynamic Reports

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EPM Close Consolidating and Reporting

Growing enterprises need to adapt quickly to changing business and compliance requirements while reducing risk, improving control, and delivering faster, more accurate insights to all stakeholders. It is imperative that the financial close process is streamlined for fast, reliable reporting and remains flexible to the demands of future change.

Our Approach in Consolidation and Reporting:
  • Design a Unified Global Account Structure
  • Reduce the Consolidation Closing Cycle
  • General Ledger Audit Trail
  • Meet Global Regulatory Requirements
  • Reduce the Cost of Compliance
  • Reduce Audit Cost

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EPM Data Integration & Transformation

Oracle offers data integration tools for organizations. That's why it is a must that companies know and comprehend the ups and downs of using such tools. This is where ARC EPM comes into play. Our approach helps businesses fully understand the strengths of FDM and ODI, and use this knowledge to their advantage.

Steps to Data Integration and Transformation:
  • Improve Financial Data Quality and Confidence in Numbers
  • Simplify Data Source Validation and Trace the Movement of Financial Data
  • Standardize and Rely on Repeatable Financial Processes
  • Eliminate Manual File Manipulation and Reduce Cost Compliance
  • Drill-Through from EPM Applications to Transactional Systems

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Enterprise Spreadsheet Management

Businesses can now manage spreadsheet risks with Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System. Dodeca gives its users the right tools to automate spreadsheet functionality. It also improves analytics, increases confidence, and reduces risks by eliminating spreadsheet errors generated by manual manipulation.

Dodeca provides its users a wide range of benefits. A few include:
  • Scalable Spreadsheet Interface
  • Strengthen Controls and Eliminate Risk
  • Reduce Support and Maintenance

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EPM Financial Reporting

ARC EPM's thorough knowledge in Oracle Hyperion suite allows us to efficiently guide and assist our client-partners in creating their financial statements. We do understand the importance of having a quality financial report aided by Hyperion technology, that's why we see to it that your financial reports are always accurate and intuitive.

Benefits of Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting:
  • Standardize Reports and Eliminate Duplication
  • Eliminate/Reduce Maintenance by Designing Dynamic Reports
  • Multiple Output Options Include Web, PDF, and Microsoft Office
  • Schedule Book Sets/Reports for Email Distributions or Save Output to a Secured Shared File Server
  • Connect to Oracle EPM and BI Applications

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