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Oracle Hyperion Planning Software

The dynamics of planning, budgeting and forecasting activities can be considerably complex, especially for medium and large sized companies. Many issues may arise during the process of collecting the data, calculating the indicators, and interpreting the results, such as; how to integrate financial data from various departments to single, universal indicators.

Every time your company needs to concentrate on planning, such problems may present themselves and the ability to problem solve is a valuable competitive advantage for your business. To help you achieve the best possible results, Oracle designed Hyperion Planning, a web-based software focused on centralized planning, budgeting and forecasting solutions.

Oracle Software Solutions

A typical setback of complex software is the difficulty of operating it without the support of an IT specialist. This is where Oracle Hyperion Planning presents one of its most important differentials: despite its comprehensiveness and many functionalities, the software is incredibly intuitive and user friendly. While the entire application is based on the web and runs on the cloud, making it easy to operate from every location, it is also possible to install the software on site and to integrate it.

Additionally, the ability to integrate your software with the Microsoft Office Suite allows businesses to carry out planning activities within Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These built-in functionalities enable your financial team to work with the tool while using the familiar and comfortable Microsoft Office interface.

Many businesses commonly have different routines among different departments in regard to recording their financial information. The disconnect between sectors can be costly and time consuming when unifying data for enterprise-level financial decisions. Oracle Hyperion Planning eliminates such issues by aligning the financial plans, models, and forecasts across your business and by providing timely information for efficient decisions.

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