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Financial Management

Oracle designed the Hyperion Financial Management software to solve the most common problems associated with financial reporting.

These web-based applications make consolidating and reporting financial information very intuitive. The software presents numerous types of reports, such as Cash Flow Statements, Profit & Loss Reports, and Income Statements for your business. Additionally, your data can be easily classified according to time period, region, department, and many other filters.

Compiling financial and accounting information from various business units can be a challenging task. Companies will likely face common problems such as:

  • Generating different types of financial reports with minimal cost
  • Complying to specific regional regulations and laws
  • Integrating different currencies and financial information
  • Accessing multi-level details quickly and effortlessly
  • Identifying key performance indicators for your business

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Software

A compliance cost refers to the time or money a firm incurs to confirm your financial reports to government laws and requirements. The Oracle Hyperion Financial Management provides numerous frameworks that help you comply with the many regulatory reporting regulations such as GAAP, IFRS and local regulatory requirements, thus reducing your compliance costs.

Oracle’s Hyperion Financial Management ensures the consistency of your financial data and reports - both inside and outside of your company. By preventing the publication of incorrect or outdated numbers, it guarantees that information seen by external stakeholders is the same as information seen by the internal team. Furthermore, delivering a single, unified version of your financial reports will not only reduce the costs involved in auditing processes but also increase your internal and external transparency.

Since the Hyperion Financial Management software is fully automated, it reduces the time needed to enter, check, and double-check the actual financial results of your company. This way, your finance team can focus on more relevant tasks and still provide accurate and complete reports of the financial situation of your business.

The Hyperion Financial Management software provides an intuitive interface to integrate financial information from different business units. You can easily identify, control and reconcile accounting data from various entities, as well as collect, match, and solve any intercompany differences caused by different currencies in different regions. Additionally, the capability of adding commentaries and notes directly in the platform makes the communication between teams very efficient.

The many features of Oracle Hyperion Financial Management enable you to connect external software and to incorporate non-financial information for better insight into your business performance. For example, the process of exporting and integrating the data with the Microsoft Office suite is intuitive and does not require any intervention by IT or programming experts. The software is designed and optimized to be used by your finance team, delivering key indicators just with a few clicks. This way, you can identify new opportunities for higher profitability and more consistent cash flow by company, brand, customer or product segment.

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