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The Oracle Essbase Software

One of the major challenges companies face is how to record, organize and quickly access large amounts of financial and business data.

As the quantity and complexity of information increases, it becomes considerably harder and more costly to summarize the data and to calculate key business indicators to make important decisions. Thinking about such issues led Oracle to develop an entirely new way of handling business data: the Oracle Essbase.


The software is the market leader server for online analytical processing and is focused on enterprise performance management applications. The tool goes beyond the basic concept of a database: it not only stores your data but also provides numerous tools to carry out calculations and provide complete financial reports for your business.

Oracle Essbase Features

Oracle Essbase was designed specifically for business environments. It’s unique data structure allows information to be recorded in a multi-dimensional format. In simple terms, Oracle Essbase sees a dimension as any category you might want to use to retrieve your business data: Cost Centers, Customers, Products, Accounts, Time Periods, etc. By classifying your information in such way, the software is able to present deeper and more meaningful insight into how different factors affect the performance of your company.

Simultaneously organizing data into multiple dimensions also allows Oracle Essbase to support advanced connections between data. The connections between different dimensions - called hierarchies - empower your company with more advanced calculation capabilities to estimate more detailed and specific indicators.

In addition to its numerous functionalities and calculation power, Oracle Essbase software’s design is focused on the final business user. This means that you can display the results of your queries by using a wide variety of tools provided by Oracle, as well as integrate the software with Microsoft Office. Additionally, the almost instantaneous processing capacity allows you and your financial team to interact with the data without the need for an IT specialist.

The ease of use also allows the users to explore more complex functionalities of the tool, such as variance analysis, business forecasting, scenario planning and what-if modeling. These functionalities make data available to Oracle’s financial and corporate planning softwares. The reports can be saved, shared, modified and expanded according to the specific needs of your company.

Finally, Oracle EPM Cloud presents a wide variety of features to deal with the issue of online data security. By allying 19 worldwide data centers - all monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - with a team of IT experts, Oracle is able to guarantee the security and availability of your data.

Oracle Essbase is much more than a data storage tool: it comes with an advanced calculation software and with 350+ pre-built functions. In addition to that, the software presents numerous financial formulas to support the development of your business model and compatibility with the creation of business rules to deal with complex calculations.

The advanced computations result in a sophisticated yet highly intuitive platform that provides advanced analytics and enables you to better understand your business, to align your resources and to improve your company results.

Oracle Essbase offers an unmatched performance in integrating information from multiple data sources within a business. The software has optimized data loading and recalculation capabilities. Together with its superior processing speed, these capabilities provide detailed analyses of huge amounts of data for thousands of simultaneous users almost instantly. Furthermore, Oracle Essbase has a robust design with support from the advanced configuration of servers to the most efficient practices in IT and data storage.

Evidently, the capacity of feeding and accessing information from multiple locations at multiple times makes data security a major priority. The software shares the same solid authentication routines as Oracle EPM systems and offers detailed controls over permissions for specific groups and roles within your business.

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