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Without a doubt, users love their spreadsheets. Most executives and employees are familiar with a spreadsheet because of its flexibility when planning, reporting, or budgeting.

The IT department and Internal Audit Team of an organization usually dislikes the use of spreadsheets. When the spreadsheet is left unmanaged, it results in high incidence errors as well as slow formula processing.


Another issue is the typical spreadsheet file has no accountability and standardization, leading to increased risk of error. Businesses can now manage spreadsheet risks with Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System. Dodeca gives its users the right tools to automate spreadsheet functionality. It also improves analytics, increases confidence, and reduces risks by eliminating spreadsheet errors generated by manual manipulation.

Benefits of Using Dodeca Spreadsheet

Dodeca eliminates the risk of human error linked to the use of standard spreadsheets. This is because the software employs a secure and streamlined database that manages spreadsheet templates used by end users. Since the accessibility of these templates is controlled, authorized users are the only ones allowed to make changes and/or adjustments. More often than not, these people are the spreadsheet experts in an organization who are tasked with generating and maintaining spreadsheets.

Audit logs and version control are also in place to further ensure that potential risks are mitigated. For instance, all changes made to the spreadsheet are recorded in a centralized server. Such changes include pre-updates and post-updates.

What's great about Dodeca is that it has a centralized repository. This guarantees its users that they will have the most recent and updated spreadsheet template alongside the current Essbase data that is accessed from the right Essbase database. Organizations that properly utilize Dodeca usually acquire the answers or solutions they need swiftly and with less support. In contrast to Smart View and related tools, an intensive training is not a requisite in using Dodeca. To put it simply, Dodeca makes Essbase quite easy to work with.

Dodeca also leverages Essbase security in authenticating users and in controlling access to data and the metadata. Moreover, the software enables administrators to map the reports accessed by users depending on the membership in Essbase groups. As a result, organizations that have generated security models in Essbase can leverage their work in the user interface.

All in all, Dodeca increases an organization's productivity, accountability, and confidence while decreasing risk of error and costs associated with implementation, hardware, maintenance, and training.

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