About Us

ARC EPM Consulting

Our Mission

To contribute to our client’s economic growth by improving the visibility, and availability of information. We strive to provide both high value, and high-quality results that will allow our clients to effectively plan, react, and respond to economic changes with confidence.

ARC EPM Consulting is founded and staffed by deeply technical specialists with a strong background in finance. We partner with our customers in improving the availability and visibility of information that will enable organizations to have access of data in real-time, allowing the finance department to evaluate performance by measuring and analyzing results.

ARC EPM projects are centered on successful implementations with continuous knowledge transfer that allows our customers to independently maintain and expand their EPM solutions.

Our Goals and Values

ARC EPM’s long-term commitment in providing excellent customer service and building long-term relationships with our clients is what sets us apart. Our skilled experts are committed in developing a guide to assist our clients in deciding the right solution for their business needs.

As our client, we value your time and investment. We are committed to developing an efficient business process for your organization and it is also our goal to develop your staff along the way. Should the dynamics change within your organization, together we can develop a support plan to ensure the continuity of your investment.

Our values define who we are and our commitment to serve our clients through excellence.

  • Passion - Passionate for delivering results through, innovation, creativity and training.
    • Integrity/Trust - Uphold the values of honesty and truthfulness while remaining fair and ethical in the most difficult situations.
      • Teamwork - The best ideas are those developed collaboratively. We are committed in working closely with our clients to achieve their objectives in the most practical and respectful manner.
        • Service Excellence - We continually seek to listen and understand the needs of those who depend on us.

        We partner with our customers in designing a solution that focuses on the proper blend of technology, process, and culture, ensuring they are knowledgeable, self-sufficient, and have the information necessary to achieve the strategic goals for the business.

A proven project methodology that provides a comprehensive strategic framework for guiding and measuring project initiatives, ensuring the delivered solution accommodates your current and future business needs and is successfully adopted into your corporate culture. Our goal is to:

  • Improve data integrity
    • Increase process transparency
      • Improve decision-making
        • Reduce manual maintenance effort
          • Decrease operational friction
            • Cost reduction
              • Improve effectiveness

Client Testimonials

Michelle Britnell, Financial Planning & Analysis Manager

Laser Spine Institute

"ARC EPM is LSI’s trusted partner.  They listened to us, worked with us, and shared their extensive technical know-how.  That knowledge transfer has laid the foundation for our future success."  

Amy Dailey, Senior Director of Finance

Cengage Learning

"What sets ARC EPM apart is they educated me and my team:  how could a design be improved, what were the potential pros and cons of a solution, how do we handle the issue in future.  That knowledge transfer is the real difference between contracting – what other firms do -- and consulting – what ARC EPM does.  I am thankful every day that I was referred to ARC EPM."

Mike Katz, Sr. Manager of Financial Systems

Bimbo Bakeries

"We partner with ARC EPM because they solve our business problems by bringing the experience and knowledge of 20 year veteran consultants to bear.  That deep knowledge and judgment results in creative, consistent, and repeatable solutions – the very definition of success."

Get Results On Your Next Project

The CPM/EPM solutions architects at ARC EPM offer complete consultancy and support services to help your organization implement all the functionalities of the platform. Our combined years of real market experience and thorough training allow our professionals to give valuable insight into how your company can use EPM Solutions to improve your business performance.